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this will never be not funny.

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Life Adventures

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Bottled up emotions.

This is art

Love it
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Bottled up emotions.

This is art

Love it

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every day:

  • go outside to feel the sun (5-15 minutes is recommended)
  • if there is no sun step outside and inhale fresh air
  • drink water - the more cups the better
  • listen to one song that makes you happy
  • talk to one person you like - do not hesitate to reach out
  • stretch; don’t forget about your body
  • smile in the mirror

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Some days, I totally hate you for walking away and other days I completely understand.
But either way, I always miss you.  (via michaela-margaret)

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One night,
I will wake up at three AM
And I will roll over
Into your arms.
You will rub my back
Until I fall back to sleep.
I will wait for that.

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when i was little i wanted to go spend the night with my friend but my mom said no so i choreographed some dance to breakaway by kelly clarkson and i even broke a toothpick when the song said something about breaking away and she still said no 

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homework to do: hella

homework i’ve done: negative hella

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This will make you feel better
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"what did u do all day?"


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